Finnerty O'Finnerty Clans of Eire

Finnerty, O'Finnerty Clans of Ireland


The Annals of Connacht [Freeman]


[1224]  The Annals of Connacht begin with the death of Cathal Crobderg son of Toirrdelbach O Conchobair, king of Connacht.


[AD 1232.5]  The castle of Bun Gaillme was built by Richard Burke and the castle of Dunamon[1] was begun by Adam Staunton.


[1225.4/10/12/16/25/30/31]  A great rebellion was raised by Toirrdelbach and Aed, son of Ruaidri [O’Conchobair], and Aed O Neill, to wrest the kingship of the province from Aed mac Cathail Chrobdeirg.  This was done at the instance of Donn Oc MacAirechtaig,  royal chieftain of Sil Murray, who wished to revenge himself for the confiscation of his land and patrimony1 ; and when he revolted the whole of Connacht revolted-Sil Murray and West Connacht with Aed O Flaithbertaig its king-excepting only Mac Diarmata, Cormac son of Tomaltach.  Note 1:  The occasion of this confiscation is not to be discovered in any of the Annals.


It was at this time that the Galls approached Toirrdelbach son of Ruaidri.  He rose up with his chieftains, and putting their rabble in front they escaped beautifully, not one of themselves being killed; for Donn Oc Mac Airechtaig, Flaithbertach O Flannacan and a small number of the forces of Cenel Eogain covered their rear.


The son of Cathal Crobhderg and the Galls intending to plunder the Tuatha of Sil Murray and Clan Tomaltaigh went from Mellick by way of Fid Gatlaig to Attymas where they plundered Coolcarney.  All who went to Ballycong were drowned, and some of the refugees of Clann Tomaltaig who escaped drowning went into Tirawley, where O’Dubda fell  upon them and left them without a single cow.  Note:  In the index it says that Clann Tomaltaig was a territory between Ballintober and Tulsk,  Co. Roscommon.


Cathal Crobderg’s son with his Galls went to Tuaim, where he dismissed the Leinster and Desmond Galls, reserving to himself the task of escorting the Justiciar past Athlone.  Then he took another decision, to turn back towards O Flaithbertaig; for he mistrusted the situation in which he had left him, having Ruaidri’s sons with him to the west of the Lake [thought to be Lough Corrib] and his own son-in-law, Donn Oc [Gerrity] as well.


Next day Ruaidri’s sons met with O Flaithbertaig and the sons of Muirchertach and Tigernan son of Cathal [Micuran O Conchobair] and Donn Oc, and they all proceeded northwards to Druim Cenannain.  But then Aed mac Cathail Chrobdeirg with his Galls came after them, and they decided that each one should return to his cattle and people and leave the sons of Ruaidri.  Ruaidri’s sons departed out of the country, having no Galls or other following at hand, and together with Donn Oc they once more sought the protection of Aed O Neill.  Note: O Neill’s wife was the daughter of Ruaidri the Monarch.

And [1225]

Tadc O Finnachta*, an officer of Aed son of Ruaidri [O Conchotair] was killed by Mac Aedacan’s men on a plundering raid in this same war.  Note* says O’Finnachta, was O’Conchobair’s doorkeeper [Inaug.].

And [1225]

Muiredach O Finnachta, chieftain of Clann Murthaile*, died in a boat on Loch Corrib, though in good health when he entered it.  Note * says Murchada is right word.  Index says Clann Murchada, in S. Roscommon.


[1226.6]  Nuala daughter of Ruaidri O Conchobair, queen of the Ulaid,[2]


[1230.2/5/6/7/8]  Aed son of Ruaidri [O Conchobair] and the men of Connacht turned against Mac William Burke and the Galls of Ireland, being persuaded thereto by Donn Oc son of Donnchatha Mac Airechtaig and Cormac Mac Diarmata and his officers, who all vowed they would never own a lord who should bring them to make submission to the Galls.  They made then great raids on the Galls, Aed son of Ruaidri and the men of West Connacht plundering the young son of William [brother of Richard] and Adam Duff, while Donn Oc and the sons of Magnus [son of Muirchertach Muimnech] with the new levies of Sil Murray plundered Mac Gosdelb [Philip Costello] and Tir Maine as far as Athlone.


Now Aed mac Ruaidri and Cormac mac Tomaltaig [Mac Diarmata] and Donn Oc [Mac Airechtaig] and the rest of the Sil Murray were in the wood, since their  cattle and folk had gone with them to Slieve Anierin [Iron Mts., Leitrim] and into inaccessible fastnesses, they determined to take no heed of the Galls and make no plans concerning them.


But Donn Oc said he would not do so; and having determined to take up a position on the western flank of the Galls, he went to Fincharn, having with him his own kinsmen, the youth of Sil Murray, his own Galls, the son of Domnall Bregach [fostered Bregia] O’Mailsechlainn with his Galls, and Brian son of Toirrdelbach [ O Conchobair], and there they watched the Galls passing by.  Donn Oc sent a party to harass them, which maintained a good fight against them while he kept to his position on the Cairn [Findcharn, presumably], eagerly watching the fight.  Then the Galls sent a large party of soldiery and horsemen to pass round the Cairn, and they [Donn’s party] noticed nothing until they had surrounded it on the western side and Donn was left alone with a few of his kinsmen and Brian mac Toirrdelbaig; and it was but a short time that they were left together in this wise.  For Donn was proclaimed and recognised and set upon, single-handed as he was, by many of the soldiers, and he had five arrows in his body when a horseman attacked him, and he had nothing but an axe; yet he kept the horseman at a distance, parrying his spear with the axe.  At last the soldiery all rushed at him and this brave warrior, surrounded on every side, fell before the overpowering number of champions who were smiting him.

Note: Aed mac Ruaidri was watching the Galls from the east and knew nothing of Donn Oc until “the route came upon him from the west., but made his escape by the power of his hands, without dishonor or harm.  He turned upon one that was pressing after him and cast a javelin at him so that the shaft passed right through his body, and [after this] he and his party were allowed to depart without being attacked.”  Hugh was banished and went to O Neill [King of Chonchobar’s provence, died this year], the Galls went to Slieve Anierin where women and children were killed and the multitude was reduced to cold and hunger.


[1243.7]  Finnachta O Lugada, coarb of Benen and archdeacon of Tuaim, died at Martinmas.

Note: Finnachta must have been the comarb, or successor of Bennignus [a disciple of St. Patrick].  He is called the”Great Dean of Tuaim,“ near which the church of Kilbannon is seated, in Galway.  The Annals of the Four Masters call him coarb of Finen.


[1289.5]  Simon O Finnachta, Archdeacon of Elphin, [rested].


[1308.7]  Simon Oc O Finnachta rested in Christ.


[1309.10]  MacWilliam [Burke] crossed the Curlieus northwards and ejected the son of Cathal from his stronghold.  The vanguard of Macwilliam’s army killed Donnchad O Finnachta [ h. Findachta] and others not enumerated here.


[1326.4/5]  Luirint O Lachtnain, Bishop of Elphin, rested in Christ.  Master Seoan O Finnachta [Metra Sion O Findachta?] was then elected to the same bishopric.


[1350.3]  Brian Mac Diarmata, eligible for the kingship of Moylurg, was unhappily killed at Roscommon by the men of Bishop O Finnachta, by an arrow-shot; and the man who was blamed for the shot, Ruaidri of the Chamber O Donnchada, was killed and mutilated for the deed.


[1354.8]  Seaan O Finnachta, bishop of Elphin, rested in Christ.


[1360.10]  Tuathal O Finnachta died this year.


[1361.12]  Nicol O Finnachta died.[3]


[AD 1406.6]  Toirrdelbach Oc son of Aed son of Toirrdelbach, king of Connacht for twenty-two years in joint sovranty with O Conchobair Ruad, was killed by Cathal Dub son of O Conchobair Ruad and by Seaan, the son of Edmond son of Hobert son of Sir David Burke and Ben Muman daughter of [Aed] mac Fedlimid [O Conchobair], and by Diarmait O Tanaiden, who was boldly repaid for this crime, in the house of Richard son of Seaan Buide son of Edmund son of Hobert, [this was done] at Crecan by Fidicen [Creggs, Kilbegnet, Galway] in Clan Conway.  Now this is one of three kings of Connacht who were killed in Clan Conway:  Conchobar Maenmaige son of Ruaidri son of Toirrdelbach Mor,  and Ruaidri son of Cathal Ruad son of Conchobar Ruad son of Muirchertach Muimnech son of Toirrdelbach Mor King of Ireland, and Toirrdelbach Oc son of Aed son of Toirrdelbach Oc, as we have already said.


Note: the MacDavid Burkes were the latter possessors of Clan Conway after the death of the old chieftain Finnerty.


[AD 1411]  Ben Muman daughter of Aed son of Feidlimid O Conchobair, Lady of Clanconway during the reign of three lords4, died.


[Ad 1468.22]  Clanconway was ravaged by Edmund son of William himself and his sons, in wantonness and pride. 


Note:  The McDavys were lords of Clanconway.  Why would they ravge their own kin?  Is it possible that many of the Finnertys remained when William Burke ursurped the chieftainship by marrying OFinaghty’s daughter?

[1]  Dunamon was the ancient seat of O'Finaghty of  Clanconway.

[2]   the wife of Mac Duinnsleibe [Hugh Red O‘Neill].

4  One of these was Edmond Burke her husband.  She was apparently dowager in the time of her son and grandson.