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The Annals of the Finnerty, O'Finnerty Clans of Ireland


The following Annals were submitted to our patron Clans of Ireland on Auguust 16, 2012 and were prepared in accordance with the format of  Clans of Ireland..


1.   Official name of Clan :  Finnerty, O'Finnerty Clans of Ireland             
2.   Official address of Clan :  6770 Hawaii Kai Dr.. Honolulu, HI. 96825 USA     
3.   Official e-mail address of Clan Organization:  OFINNERTY@AOL.COM 
4.   Official website address of Clan Organization:
5.   Name of Clan Chief: Richard Finnerty, Lt. Col. USAF, retired.  [elected]
6.   Official Title of Clan Chief: Chieftain, Cennaire, or Clan Leader:

I have never mentioned the following,, but feel obligated to do so since it has been requested of all clan leaders:

Special Honors United States Military:

Meritorious Service Medal [ 3 ], Bronze Star Medal [ 1 ], Air Medal [1 ] Commendation Medal [2]

Air Force Units in Hawaii, 1986 Military Officer of the Year

Foreign Military:Republic of Viet Nam Galantry Cross with Palm

Special Honors U. S. Civil: Federal Executive Board Honolulu – Pacific Military Officer of the Year 1985.
7.   Officers of the Clan:  To be announced after election or appointment.
8.    DNA Study Contact: Richard Finnerty [ ]
9.    History of the Clan:


As of January 2011 the O'Finnertys were the newest clan on the Register of Clans of Clans of Ireland. 


The Finnerty, O'Finnerty Clans of Ireland family consists of, and seeks to bring together the many Finnerty, Finerty, Fenerty, Feenoughty, O'Fiannachta families who have an ancestor Finachta,Fionnacta, Finsneachta, Finaughty, Finchad, or Findchada documented in one of the accepted geneological tracts or manuscripts.


ALL GENEALOGICAL INFORMATION HEREIN IS FROM: The Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters, M. A. O'Brien's Corpus Genealgiarum Hiberniae, The Annals of  Leinster, Ulster, Connacht, Tigernach, Loch  Ce, Clonmacnoise.  Also: The Book of Lecan, Book of Ballymote, Tribes and Customs of the Hy Many & Hy  Fiachrach,  the Onomasticon Goedelicum and many others..  


On the evening of 26 June 2003 the Clan met at Donamon [Dunamon] Castle on the River Suck which forms the border between Counties Roscommon and Galway.  We believe this was the first and only clan gathering in over 700 years.  The site of the castle and perhaps a part of it was the ancient seat of O'Finnerty of Clan Conway.
Peter Joseph Finnerty of Dublin and a native of Roscommon was elected as our Clan Leader [Cennaire] and  Richard M. Finnerty of Honolulu, HI, a native of Wyoming USA was elected as the Tanaiste.
Unfortunately Peter's health soon deteriorated and he passed away at 6 P.M on 13 August 2008.  Peter was a good and kind man and was an avid researcher of Finnerty history. He is dearly missed.


Clan Chieftains

Peter J. Finnerty, of Dublin Ireland           26 June 2003 - 13 August 2008.
Richard Finnerty of Honolulu, Hawaii [    13 August 2008 - present



New Chieftain Richard Finnerty initiated a clan web site and registered the clan with Clans of Ireland, on or about  December 10, 2010.


Our Ancient Family Name

Variants of Finnsneachta, Fionnachta, Fiannachta, Finacta, & Findchadha.  In the Annals it was often prefixed with the "O" or "Ui" meaning grandson or descendant of: but never with the "Mc" or "Mac" meaning son of. 

The name derives from the Celtic words "finn" or "fionn" meaning white or fair, and snea which meant snow in both Celt and Germanic languages. Several persons receiving the name were born or christened at the time The Annals recorded, great "blood" or "wine" snow. Other places/persons so named were martyred and the placenames applied to the martyr's blood in the snow at the place of their murder.


The Finnerty name is found in the genealogies of all the great families of Ireland.
In the Irish Annals Fionnachta, Finnachta, Finnachta and Finaghty  and even Findchada were used.   These names became Finaghty, Fenaghty,  Finerty, Fenerty, Finnerty, Fenoughty, Finachta, O'Finerty, White, Fenton, Snow &etc.  The only family I have know to preserve the ancient name are the Fiannachtas of North Kerry of whom the Reverend Monsignor  Pádraig Ó Fiannachta  is a well known author and professor of the Gaelic language and presently [2012] is living as a priest in Dingle, Kerry.  [LINKS to Msgnr O'Fiannacta on our web site]  


"Three Finnertys were Monarchs of Ireland; there were three Finnerty Saints, and numerous Finnerty bishops, and abbots. Finnertys were kings of Connacht, Leinster, Uladh and Ulster. 


Saint Patrick baptized the son of a Finnerty king in Leinster shortly after his arrival in Ireland.The son Sinell later became a Saint.


The Finnertys of the Hy Many tribes of Galway and Roscommon who are kin to the O'Kellys & Maddens, and the Finnertys of the Sil Murry tribes of Galway and Roscommon who are kin to the O'Conors , preserved the name of Fionnachta and Finaghty as clan names. The Hy Many and Sil Murry each produced four Finnerty families which formed eight separate clans within the two tribes. This is complicated as the two tribes lived adjacent to each other.


A Finnerty of Mayo and Sligo was of the same stock as the O'Gara & O'Hara clans and he descended from Ollioll Ollum a reknown Munster King. This lends credibility to the possibility that the Finnertys of that region may be descended from this Finnerty.


There are also Finnertys who I believe are related to the MacNamaras of Kerry & O'Conors of Kerry & Clare. The Finnertys of Kerry with some exceptions descend from kings of Munster and the Finnertys of Clare with some exceptions descend from Clan-na-Rory. The Clan-na-Rory supposedly were three sons produced by the i union of Fergus MacRoi a king of Ulster and Red Branch hero, and Maev the warrior Queen of Connacht.

Finnertys were kings or sons of kings of the ancient kingdoms of Ossory, Orgiall, and Uladh.
 There were many clans of Finnertys in Leinster who can trace their lineage to the Kings & royal ancestors of O'Toole, Kavanagh & MacMurrogh, and to the family Casey of Cork the Lords of Idrone.
Finnerty Saints, Abbots, Archdeacons

From the Book of Saints of Iona

SAINT INDREACHTACH O'FINNACHTA. He was the 21st Abbot of Iona in the mid 9th century. He carried the relics of Saint Columcille to Ireland when threatened by the Norsemen.  He was murdered by the Norsemen in 852 when travelling to Rome.  Feast day March 12th.
Note 1:  The island of Hy or Iona was known as the Isle of the Saints, located just off the southwest coast of Scotland.
 Note 2:  Connacht King Finnachta abdicated circa 848 to enter a religious life.  He was a descendant of Innreachtach a King of Connacht.  Innreachtach was the ancestor of several Finnerty septs in Connacht.  See Fionnachta Luibne.


Saint Finnacta Finncoradh in Leinster


St. Finnacta Finncoradh is likely of Finn chorad in Leinster. The location may be at or near Ravilly in county Carlow in the province of Leinster, the location of the Sil Cormaic, the tribe of Finnacta.
Information from the Onomasticon Goedelicum. There is a Finnerty in the genealogy of the Ryans, Lords of Idrone.


Cill Fhionshneachta in Manister Parish, Limerick

Westropp relates an interesting story about the church at Killeenoughty. He says that this church was called Cill Fhionshneachta, meaning the church of the wine-red snow.   According to the legend a saint was slain at the door of the church when the ground was covered with snow.
The blood of the saint coloured the snow wine-red. Westropp says that this church was also known as Cill Fhionnachta, the church of Saint Fionnachta, and as Teampull na Sceach, the church of the thorn bushes.


Kilfinaghty in Tulla barony, county Clare

It is thought that a Saint Finaghty established a monastery on the site of Kilfinaghty parish, barony Tulla, county Clare.  This territory was anciently shared by the O'Herns [Ui Echtigherns] who were driven from it, to the east.  Today the territory is known as MacNamara's Country.
 The Annals record the genealogy of Finnachta-findbann, a son of Echthigirnn of the Dal Cas[Heber] who is kin to the MacNamaras and O'Kearneys. 
From the Onomasticon Goedelicum: ui táil [a people]; in Clare, Township; perhaps in or near parish Kilfinaghty, and near Limerick.


 Saint Patrick's First Baptism in Ireland:


It was probably in the spring of the year 433, that Patrick and his companions landed at the mouth of the Vantry River close by Wicklow Head. As before with Palladius, the mission was threatened.
St. Patrick's first baptism in Ireland. In the Calendar of AEngus, under date April 5th, we find : "Excellent Patrick's baptism i.e. Sinell son of Finchad of the Ui-Garrchon, he is the first person whom Patrick baptised in Ireland."

Saint Kerrill-Great grandson of Fionchada


Saint Kerrill aka Caireall mac Curnain was a Christian missionary in what is now east County Galway , alive in the mid-to-late 5th century. His great grandfather was Fionnchada mac Nair mac Earca.


Father James Finaghty, Vicar General Diocese of Elphin
A priest of the family called Fr James Finaghty or Finnerty was Vicar-General of the Diocese of Elphin during the 1660's.   His suffering for the Catholic faith is recorded by Edmund Teige in 1668 who wrote of the Persecution of the Irish Catholics during Cromwell's reign of terror in the seventeenth century, he said and I quote "Fr James Finaghty frequently suffered tortures and cruel afflictions from the common enemy for the faith of Jesus Christ;

 Five times was he arrested and once he was tied to a horse's tail, and dragged naked through the streets, then cast into an horrid dungeon;


The Three Fionnachta Monarchs of Ireland

There were three Monarchs of Ireland named Fionnachta, and one of these monarchs came from  each of three of the four sons of Milesius of Spain, and they came to Ireland and conquered it from the Tuatha de Danaan. One Monarch from the North [Uladh], one from the middle [Meath], and one from the South [Munster].  The sons of Milesius, ancestors of these Fionnachta monarchs were Heber, Ir, and Heremon; the son Amerghin the poet not leaving any issue.   They were:


I. Finachta Fionn-sneachta [28th Monarch], also known as Fionnachta I, Elim, Finacta, Fin-shnechta, Feenaghta. The first Finnerty found in the Annals.

Son of Ollamh Fodhla the 27th Monarch. ""In the year AM 3942.2. It was in the reign of Finnachta that snow fell with the taste of wine, which blackened the grass. From this the cognomen, Finnachta, adhered to him. Elim was his name at first." He died of the plague. From his father's line came all of the historical and mythical characters of the Red Branch; Conal Cearnach, Cuchullain, Connor MacNessa and Fergus MacRoy.
II. Eiliomh, Elim I Oillfionnsheachta [36th Monarch of Ireland], also known as Eiliomh Ollfhionach, Éllim Ollfínsnechta, Feidhlimidh, i.e., a great bibber of wine. The 36th Monarch, was of the race of Heber, son of Milesius of Spain, whose descendants with few exceptions, became the Kings, Princes, and nobility of Munster. His grandfather Siorghnath Saoghalach [Sirna or Siorna] wrested the monarchy from the race of Ir where it had been for the reign of seven monarchs; and returned the monarchy to the descendants of Heber, son of Milesius of Spain. This was the race of the McCarthys, O'Briens, O'Sullivans, and O'Carrolls.


III. Fionnachta Fleadhach, also known as Finachta the Festive. This Finachtach was the 153rd Monarch, and began his reign in 673 AD. He gave his name to the Clann Finsnechtai, and the Moodys were descendants of this clan. Fionnachta was of the Sil Aeda Slaine named for his grandfather, the 141st monarch], and they were Southern Hy-Nialls, descending from Heremon the son of Milesius of Spain and Niall M'or, commonly called Niall of the Nine Hostages. After twenty years in the monarchy, he and his son Breasal were slain in battle by the two grandsons of two of his uncles.

Finachtach-Fleadach's nearest kin were the Coleman and Melaghlin Kings of Meath, who descended from Coleman M'or, a brother to his grandfather Aedh Slaine. Finachtach was the ancestor of Moody [O'Maolmodha], thought to be of King's County [Offaly].  




Code: Ref.# is generations from Adam 

[Ir] ancester Ir son of Milesius  [Hbr] ancestor is Heber son of Milesius

[Her] ancestor is Heremon son of Milesius  Name is in Irish sometimes with clan/title

Ref.  #    Name                                              aka                                                     Reference number

45          FINACHTA,  28th Monarch        [Ir] Ellim, micOllamh Fodhla Ulster   45

52           ELIM-OILLFINSHNEACHTA     [Hbr] 36th Monarch   52

68           FINNACHTA, of Armagh             [Ir] Nephew of Conor MacNeasa   68

72            FIONNCHAD, [son of K. Ullad]  [Ir] G, grandson of Conal Cearnach   72

81            FIANNACHTAIG                           [Ir] Clanna Rory-Limerick   81

83           FINNACHTA, Cath-Crinna-Dal Fiatach     Kin to Dunlevy, Princes of Ulida/Ulster 83

88           FIONNCHAD, [anc. St. Kerrill]        [Ir] Finchadh of clan Sodhain Connacht 88

88           FINNACHTA                                      [Heber] Maher/Loughnan 88

89           FINDACHTA, Prince of Aileach      [Her] Uladh-Ulster               89

90           FIONNACHTACH                              [Heber] O'Flanagan of Ely 90

90           FINNACTA-HUA-GARRCHON,      [Her] K. Leinster  Central-Wicklow 90

90           FIANNACHTAICH, Leain-Ciarraige [Ir] Clanna Rory-O'Connor Kerry [Luacra] 90

90           FIANACHTAICH                                [Ir] Clanna Rory-O'Connor Kerry [Luacra] 90

92           FINNACHTA,                                      [Her] [ui-Dega-Tamaing] Brennan-Ossory [Laois] 92

93           FINNACHTA, Lord  Kilnamanagh     [Her] Dwyer, C. Tipperary 93

93           FINACHTACH-FLEADHACH,           [Her] 153rd Monarch ,Moody of Meath 93

94           FIONNACHTACH                                [Heber] Casey of Cork 94

94           FINNACHTAI                                        [Ir] O'Connor, Loughlin clannaRory, Clare 94

96           FINNACHTACH, [Hui Dichon              [Her] Airgialla, McCartan of Loch Foyle 96

97           FIONNACHTACH, Lord of Massarene  [Her] Donnellan N. Clanaboy 97

97           FINNACHTA-CINEL-CRITAN              [Her] O'Naughten, O'Lally, Hy Maine 97

97           FIANNACHTAIG, [ Maelhuidir]           [Her] Carlow/Leinster 97

98           FINSHNEACTA , 161st Mon                 [Her] Coleman  Meath 98

99           FINNACHTAIGH-SIL-ANMCHADA   [Her] O'Madden Galway 99

99           FINNACHTA-FINDBANN                     [Heber] DalCas, MacNamara  Clare 99

100          FIONNACHTAIGH-MICDUNGAR,     [Her] Chief Clan Conway 100

100          FIONNACHTACH, [O'Hart of Tara]      [Her] , Flanagan, Donnellan [Ulster] 100

100          FINSHNEACHTA                                     [Her] O'Fallon-King's co. 100

100           FINNACHTA, Dealbha-Beathra               [Hbr] Coghlin of Delvin-Offaly 100

100           FINNACHTA, Dal Birn Ossory                 [Her] Fitzgerald/Brennan of Kilkenny 100

100           FINNACHTA, Sil Nad-sluig                      [Her] Airgialla McMahan, Monaghan 100

100           FINDACHTA[2], clan Mailiduin               [Her] Quinlan of Meath 100

100           FINACHTA, [clan Mailiduin]                     [Her] Quinlan of Meath 100

101           O'FIONNACHTAIG, Beannachdach         [Her] Clan Conway 101

101            FIONNACHTA-LUIBHNE                         [Her] Saint Fionnachta Iona K. of Conacht 101

101            FIONNACHTACH                                       [Her] Clan Kelly O'Donnell of Fermanagh 101

101            FINNACHTA-UA-MUIREDAIG               [Heber] Kerry 101

101            FINNACHTA                                                [Her] Clan Conchobar O'Conor Roscommon 101

101            FINNACHTA                                                [Hbr] O'Hara/O'Gara of Sligo/Mayo 101

102             O'FIONNACHTAIGH, Concha                  [Her] Clan Conway 102

102              FIONNACHTACH                                      [Her] King of Hy Maine 102

102              FINSNECHTA,                               Hui Ossain-Dal Birn Ossory [Her] Fitzpatrick Killkenny 102

102              FINNACHTA*                                            [Her] Fhinachta Ua Murchada Connacht 102

102              FINNACHTA                                               [Her] Clan Bresail Ua Conchobar Connacht 102

102              FINACHTA-MICBRAIGHTHE [               Her] Fox. Carney, W. Meath 102

103              O'FIONNACHTAIGH,  Cathal                    [ Her]Clan Conway 103

103               FINNSNECHTAE-UAENECGLAISLAGIN          [Her] Kelly Cualan 103

103               FINNACHTA, Muiredach*                        [Her] Urchadh-UaFhinachta Clan Murchada 103

103               FIANNACHTAIG, Hua Raithnen Ossory            [Her] Fitzpatrick/Brennan Kilkenny 103

103               FIANNACHTACH,                                       [Hua Droina-Laigen] Co. Carlow O'Ryan 103

104                O'FIONNACHTAIGH, Murtagh                 [Her] Clan Conway 104

105               O'FIONNACHTAIGH, Murtagh Oge          [Her] Clan Conway 105

105 FINSHNEACHTA-CEATHAIRDHERC,                  K. of Leinster [Her] O'Toole/ Wicklow 105

105                FIANNACHTA, Guillbeithe                        [Her] Guillbeithi Clan Murchada 105

105                FIANACHTA, Gilla-Granna*                       [Her] Clan Murchada-Sil Murry 105

106                 O'FIONNACHTAIGH, Teige                       [Her] Clan Conway 106

106                  FINNSNECHTA, [Lord of Fortuatha-Laigen]       [Her] MacMurrogh/ Leinster 106

106                  FINNACHTA                                                [Her] clan Murchada-Sil Muireadach 106

106                  FINACHTA, Muireadhach*                       [Her] Chief Clan Murchada Connacht 106

107                  O'FIONNACHTAIGH, Teige-Oge,             [ [Her] Last Lord of Clanconway 107

107                  FINNACHTA, [Sil-Maeluidir-Lagin]          Her] MacMurrogh,  Cavanaugh 107

107                  FINACHTA, Muirchertach*                        [Her] Clan Murchada-Connacht 107

108                  NUALA, O'Finaghty                                      [Her] Nuala na-meadoige Ny-Fynaghty 108

108                  FINNACHTAIGH, Muireadhach                 [Her] Clan Murchada-Connacht 108

108                   FINNACHTAIGH, Eachmarcach                 [Her] Clan Murchada 108

108                  FINNACHTA, Muirchartach                         [Her] Clan Murchada 108

108                  CHARLES, O'Finaghty                                   [Her] Clan Conway 108

109                  DONOCH, O'Finaghty                                     [Her] Clan Conway 109

109                  DANIEL, O'Finaghty                                       [Her] Clan Conway 109

109                  BRIAN, O'Finaghty                                          [Her] Clan Conway 109

110                  HUGH, O'Finaghty                                           [Her] Clan Conway 110

111                   RORY, O'Finaghty                                           [Her] Clan Conway 111

111                   MANUS, O'Finaghty                                      [Her] Clan Conway 111

111                     HUGH, O'Finaghty                                         [Her] Clan Conway 111

112                     DONOCH-GRANNA, O'Finaghty                [Her] Clan Conway 112

113                     O'CONOR, Hugh, King of Connacht             Grandfather of Muireadhach O'Finaghty 113

113                     CHARLES, O'Finaghty                                   [Her] Clan Conway 113

114                     WILLIAM, O'Finaghty                                   [Her] Clan Conway 114

114                      REDMOND, O'Finaghty                                [Her] Clan Conway 114

114                       JAMES, O'Finaghty, [the Priest]                 [Her] Clan Conway 114

115                       MALACHY, O'Finaghty                               [Her] Clan Conway 115

117                         FIONNACHTACH, Sil Amnchada-Lusmagh        [Her] Hy Maine kin to Hoolighan 117

120                         SAINT FINAGHTY                                       [Heber] McNamara-Claire 120


 The above names will help you find the Finnerty who lived where your ancestors lived. 



End of condensed history

Richard Finnerty
Chieftain, Clan O'Finnerty


Charter Members & Minutes of 2003 Gathering and Meeting
The following Finnertys were in attendance at the Finnerty Gathering
26 June 2003 @ Donamon Castle, county Roscommon, Ireland
The Gathering was preceded by a Finnerty Seminar hosted by Larry Kilcommins, Curator of the C.S. Parnell Heritage Center, Creggs, Galway.
In attendance:
Peter J. & Josephine Finnerty Dublin, Ireland
Teresa Finerty , Mount Talbot. Roscommon, Ireland.
John E. Finerty, Mount Talbot , Roscommon, Ireland.
Eamon Finnerty , Manchester, England. Insuffiently addressed.
Mary Finnerty, 38 Dun na Mara, Renmore, Galway, Ireland.
Kevin Finnerty 26 Demesne, Killester, Dublin 5, Ireland.
Phyllis Finnerty, Tullinvuppeen, Tulsk, Co Roscommon Ireland.
Anne Finnerty, Shankill, Elphin, Co Roscommon, Ireland.
Bridget Finnerty, Grange, Fourmilehouse, Co Roscommon, Ireland.
Kitty Finnerty, Edmondstown, Ballaghaderran Co Roscommon, Ireland
Michael Finnerty, Tulsk, Co Roscommon, Ireland.
Padraig Finnerty, Shanvallyhuck, Newport, Co Mayo Ireland.
(email Patrick
Gerard Finnerty, 51 Sandyford Hall Cresent Kilgobbin Rd., Sandyford, Co Dublin, Ireland.
Josephine Finnerty, Tully Hill, Castlerea, Co Roscommon Ireland.
The Finnerty Moran Family , Grange Fourmilehouse, Co Roscommon ,Ireland
Diane Rose Dunnigan (email
Brenda Finnerty Tomich Michigan (email
Billy Finnerty “St Albans” New Inn, Ballinasloe Co Galway Ireland.
Richard Finnerty, Honolulu, HI.,(email]
A tour of the first floor of the Castle was conducted by the Abbot, Fr. Fitzgerald.
A short lecture on Finnerty history was given by Richard Finnerty.
A motion to elect a Clan Leader and Tanaiste was made by Larry Kilcommins.
Peter J. Finnerty was elected Cennaire [Chieftain] and
Richard M. Finnerty was elected Tanaiste.
The above named Finnertys and Finertys were designated as
Charter Members of the Clan.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.
This meeting/election was witnessed by Mr. John Bradshaw of Clans of Ireland.
There having been no Finnerty Clan or Officers prior to this meeting these minutes
have been prepared after the fact based on the sign in register, photographs and the
memory of the undersigned

Richard M. Finnerty, Tanaiste
01 September 2003
New Clan Members Joining via Our Web Site

Alec Bowen near Frankfurt Germany

Andrew Finnerty, Cypress, California

Finerty Keegan San Jose, California

Beverley NL Illinois & Arizona USA

Brendan Dolan Antelope, CA  

Carmel Finnerty Fafgan, Lynchburg, Virginia, USA

Coleen Finnerty Christchurch, New Zealand

Ellen Finnerty Chesterton, Indiana

Julie Finnerty-Dolan Antelope, CA

Karen Finnerty

Kevin A. Nelson Charleston, WV

Mark Finnerty

Michael Finnerty Melbourne, Australia

Richard Finnerty Honolulu, HI


Patrick M. Finnerty Omaha, NE

Patrick Finnerty, Virginia Beach Virginia

Paul Finnerty Sidney, Australia

Pauline Finnerty 63500 Seligenstadt, Germany

Peggy Minnesota, USA

R. Alan Finnerty. Carmichael, Ca. U.S.A.

Sheila Finerty , New York, NY, USA,

Thomas Finnerty Seaside Heights NJ. USA

Tim Lundstrom, Darwin, MN. USA

Todd Widick, Alta Loma, CA USA

Tracey Finnerty, Mililani, Hawaii USA

Diana Cowlands née Fenety, Hanwell, New Brunswick, Canada,

Pat , Va Beach Va.
Von Holtum, Eileen,  Wausau, WI. USA

Peg Finnerty Murphy Valparaiso, Indiana, USA

Francis Finnerty , Accrington Lancashire England,

Tim Dolan Antelope, CA. 

Paddy Joe Finnerty , London England,


End of Member List 


11.     A photograph of the Clan Chief




12.    The official Heraldic Insignia of the Siol Murry Tribe of Connacht and of the Clan Colla-H;y Maine tribe of Connacht. These are only two of the many tribes in Ireland who produced strong Finnerty Chieftains who are documented in the many Irish Annals and are presented in our history [Supra]. These may be found on our web site



1. The arms of the Siol Murry as noted in O'Harts “Irish Pedigrees” are shown below and assigned to the following clans of the Siol Murry tribe of Connacht: O'Conor, Finaghty, Fihilly, Mulrennan, O'Beirne are a few clans of the tribe.


Arms: Argent an oak tree eradicated ppr.


Note: these tribal arms are simple and ancient. O'Conor and O'Beirne later added to the basic design.




2. The arms of the Clan Colla-Hy Maine of Connacht as noted in O'Hart's Irish Ped


O’Kelly. [No. 1.] Princes of Hy-Maine.  O'Kelly of Tiaquin galway, O'Kelly of Gallagh galway, O'Kelly of Aughrim Galway


Arms: Azure. a tower triple-towered supported by two lions ramp. Argent,. as many chains descending from the battlements betw. the lion’s legs orgiall.


O'Hoolihan Early Princes of Hy Maine


3. O'Hoolihan Lords of Lusmagh in Hy Maine east of the River Suck

arms: Az. a tower or, supported by two lions ramp. ar. in base two crescents of the last, on a chief of the third three annulets gu


Note: The Finnachta

Grandfather of Tighe O'Kelly was a strong prince of Connacht and King of the Clan Colla-Hy Maine, The Book of the O'Kellys names a Clan Fianachta.


Heraldry courtesy of Eddie Geoghegan: free to display, copy and distribute them for non-commercial purposes, including website display ( is requested)