Finnerty O'Finnerty Clans of Eire

Finnerty, O'Finnerty Clans of Ireland



  Annals of Tighernach - MANUAL--ELECTRONIC text Finnerty info.

[680. 3 ] Killing of Fianamla the son of Mail Tuile the king of Laighen, by Foidseachan, of his own people at the instignation of Fina[AM 1029] The laying waste of Meath by MaelSechlainn [King of Ire].


[675.1]   Battle of Cenn Faelad with Blaithmic the son of Aeda Slain, and the young Tigh of Hui Maine in Dail Cealtru, the cause was Findachta Fleadhach son of Dunchadha. Findachta Fledach was the victor.


[675. 2]  Finachta Fledhach begins to reign. [Eire]


[676. 2]  Destruction of Ailigh Frigrend by Findachta Fledach.


[677. 3 ] Battle between Findachta & the Laighen in the approximate location of Locha Gabra, into by which Finnachta was victorious.chta.

 Finnachta took up a clerical life.

 Finnachta is returned to the royal power.


 [ 695. 1]  King of Erenn. Fínachta, son of  Dunchada son of Aeda Slani, King of Erenn & Bresal the son have been killed by slitting their throats at the battle of Grellaigh Dollaith, by   Aed son of Dluthaigh, king of Fear Cul,, ' son of Ailella, the son of Aeda Slain & by Congal son of Conaing the son of Congail the son of Aedha Slaíne.  [Saint] Mo Ling of Luachra dedicated a poem for Finachta on this occasion:


Alas for Finechta,

Today he lies in a gory bed.

 May he have among the men of heaven,

 [reward for] remitting the Boruma [cattle-tribute].


[Saint] Adhomnan has sung:

Finachta son of Dunchada

ro maith mor don naem,

tri cóecait cét bo-slabraidh,

is gach bó cona laegh.


[Saint] Moling has sung:

The gap in which Finnechta was smitten,

Swift Kings were laying on another low.

When he has cast them down he does not

Ride over them.

Aed the swift, though he encounter [?] surliness.


 [ 696. 8] Muiredhach Muillethan became King of Connacht.


[ 702. 1] Muiredhach Muillethan, King of Connacht died.


[718. 8] Connri son of Congail Cennfhada & Ailill son of Finnachta have been killed by slitting the throat.


 [ 723. 3] Indrechtach M' Muireadhaigh, King of Connacht, dies in-ailithri a Cluain.


[ 735. 4 Airechtach of the clann Dunchadha king of Fiachrach Muaidh of Connacht, and Cathal son of Muiredhaigh, King of Connacht, die.


Note: King Muiredhach was the father of Conbhach the ancestor of the Finnertys of Clan Conway of Connacht.  The two kings of Connacht, Indeachtacht and Cathal were brothers of Conbhach.



Three of the Hui Fallomain [OFallon clann Uadach in Roscommon] and Finachta Hua hUrchada were treacherously killed by Conchobhar

Note: may have been Hugh (O’Conor) who later became king of Connaught.


[AD 1140]  The bridge of Athlone was built