Finnerty O'Finnerty Clans of Eire

Finnerty, O'Finnerty Clans of Ireland



849 A.D.  Finnechta son of Diarmait, abbot of Dam Liac, Mael Fuataig, abbot of Ard Brecain, Onchu, bishop and anchorite of Slaine, died.


Note:  From the Onomasticon Goedelicum;  dam-liac; Duleek townland., parish and town in Meath, F. 170; al. Doimliacc, F. 165, F. 170; al. Doimhliag, Fg. 224; Damliag, Au. i. 176; al. Damliac Ciánáin, Cg. 6, 18, Fia. 196; Dom-liacc Chianán, Tl. 104; i mBregaibh etir Áth Cliath acus Droichet Atha, Md. 314; in Bregia, C. 443, Fep., Ct. 217; Domhnach Sairighi cCiannachta ag D. Cianain, Md. 170, Fir. 163; Cianán of Damliacc Cianáin, Bco. 24 a, Z. 351, K. 165 a; Daim-liacc, al. Doim-liag .i. tegdais cloch, H. 2, 16, p. 101, H. 3, 18, p. 69, .i. domus lapidum, A. 12 b.

damliacc arda brecan; i Feraib Breg, Au. ii. 92.

damliacc beannchair; belonged to St. Comgall of Bangor in Ulst., Fir. 510, Fm. ii. 886; Donnchadh Ua Mathghamhna, K. of Ulst., slain there, Fir. 597.



Indrechtach, abbot of I, came to Ireland with the halicoms of Colum Cille.

Note:  This may be St. Indrechtach hua Finnachta of Iona; see Saints in this book.


855 A.D.  Finnechta i.e. son of Mael Brigte, was treacherously killed.

Note: Maelbrighde: Abbot of Clonmacnoise died 888; M’Bishop of Slaine died 874;

M’ King of Conaille died 829; M’Archbishop of Munster died 895; M’ Lord of Conaille died 867.


879  A.D.  Finnechta son of Mael Corca, king of the Luigni of Connacht, dies.


Editor's Note: Of the O’Haras and O’Garas of Sligo; a Munster tribe descending from Heber.


1184.10.  Flann Ua Finnachta, chief of Clann-Murchadha, dies.


1188.9.  Domnall, son of Lochlann Ua Maeilruanaidh and Fearghal Ua Taidhg ‘of the

[hospitable] household’ and Flaithbertach, Ua Finnachta, son of Riucc, were



Age of Christ 1285.4.  Simon Ua Finachta, erenagh of Oil-finn [Elphin Roscommon], rested in Christ.


1305.8.William de Burgh [then] went to the Monastery of the Buill and the

Clann-Muircertaigh came into Tir-Oilella. Much corn was burned and [much]

destroyed by them. Mac William came down past Corr-sliabh. The son of Cathal was

put out of his stronghold by him and Domnall O'Finachta and other persons were

killed by the van of the host of Mac William [deBurgo].


1323.3.  Lawrence O'Lachtna[i]n, bishop of Oil-finn, rested in Christ. Master John

O'Finachta was chosen to the same bishopric.


1351.7.  The bishop of Sil-Muiredhaigh [Elphin], namely, Master John Ua Finachta, died.


1358.5.  Nicholas O'Finachta [died].



The Annals of Ulster: Finnachta extracts


432 A.D.  Patrick arrived in Ireland ……….. In the 15th or 14th year of Laegaire son of Niall [King of Ireland].


467 A.D. Death of Uter Pendragon, king of England, to whom succeeded his son, King Arthur, who instituted the Round Table.


485 A.D.  Kalends of January.  The first battle of Granairet. Coirpre [Cairbre], son of Niall Naigiallach, was victor, and Finnchad [Finnacta] fell; or Mac Erca was victor, as others state.

[Note:] says, F. son of Daig, king of Ui Cheinnselaigh.  May not be correct as Daig or

Deagh was a brother of Eanna Cinnsalla, and would be too old.  See 494 entry below,


492 A.D.  Patrick the Archbishop died.


495.1.  The second battle of Granairet, in which fell Fraech son of Finnchad son of

Gairchú son of Fothad son of Eochu Lámhdóid son of Mess Corb, king of Laigin.

Eochu, son of Coirpre—i.e. Eochu son of Coirpre son of Ailill son of Dúnlang son

of Énna Niad—was victor.


497 A.D. [again] Or here, the second battle of Granairet, in which Fraech son of Finnchad [Finnachta] , king of Laigin Desgabhair, fell.  Eochu, son of Coirpre, was victor.

Note: Laigin Desgabhair is south Leinster or Ui-Ceinnsealaigh [Hy Kinsley].


558 or 564 A.D.  Brenainn [Saint] founded the church at Cluain Ferta.


617 A.D.  The fifth year of the reign of the emperor Heraclius.


649 A.D.  The slaying of Ragallach son of Uatu, king of Connacht.  By Mael Brigte son of Mothlachan and the Corcu Cullu.

Note: Ragallach is the ancestor of the O’Finnertys of the Sil Murry.