Finnerty O'Finnerty Clans of Eire

Finnerty, O'Finnerty Clans of Ireland

Coats of Arms of Finnertys, their Ancestors and Blood Kin








Coats of Arms of clans having a Finnerty king or chieftain prior to the adoption of surnames

 Kinsley Leinster      O'Carroll  Munster 

MacCarten Ulster      MacCarthy Munster

O'Casey Munster          Kavanagh Leinster



OHara/O'Gara Mayo/Sligo                 Loughnan coat of arms Loughnan family crest O'Loughnan of Ely O'Carroll                  

'Hart Tara                                      O'Hoolihan

  O'Kelly                                      McKeown Roscommon




 MacCoghlan Kings Co. Finnerty Sil Murry Roscommon/Galway

O'Conor Faly                   O'Conor Clare 

 O'Connor-Kerry coat of arms O'Connor-Kerry family crest O'Conor Kerry                     Mac GillaPatrick Offaly


Monaghan Ulster               Maher Tiperary

O'Melaglin Meath               MacMurrough Leinster

 Ryan Idrone                        O'Neil Tyrone Ulster



MacNamara Clare                     Murphy Wexford

O'Shaunessy Aidne Galway          O'Toole Leinster

O'Byrne Leinster                         O'Brien Clare


   Larkin Wexford                        Lorcain


 Dunlevy Ulster                     O'Flannagain Ely O'Carroll

Fox Westmeath                  Finnerty Hy Maine Galway/Roscommon

O'Dwyer Tipperary           O'Brennan Offaly


Quinnlan Meath                O'Fahy Southwest Galway

  Coleman Meath            Fogarty Tipperary


The Tribal Coat of Arms Theory is based upon the fact that prior to the invasion of Ireland by the English, Irish tribe chieftains such as the Finnertys of  the Sil Murry were elected and the leadership did not necessarily pass to the son,  When the English [Anglo-Normans] came there were four distinct  Finnerty heads of families in the tribe, all loosley related; two of them being the Finnertys of clan Conway and the Finnertys of clan Murrough of the Champions,  There was no clan Finnerty until the English forced the  adoption of family names and two of the four adopted the given name of the head of family.