Finnerty O'Finnerty Clans of Eire

Finnerty, O'Finnerty Clans of Ireland


 From O’Hart’s Irish Pedigrees  Vol. I:



Chapter I, part II page 46:  The Firvolgians ruled over Connaught down to the third century, when King Cormac Mac Art, the 115th Monarch of Ireland, attacked and defeated the forces of Aodh or Hugh, son of Garadh, King of Connaught, who was the last King of the Firbolg race in Ireland; and the soveriegnty of Connaught was then transferred to the Milesians of the race of Heremon-descendants of King Cormac Mac Art.


Fionnachtas of the line of Heber, son of Milesius of Spain

of the Province of Munster


Chapter I part III page 79:  The surname Casey.  Arms:  Argent, a chevron between three eagles’ heads erased gu.  Crest: A hand fess ways issuing from a cloud.  Motto; Per varios casus.


CORMAC, a brother of Conla, who is No. 87 on the “O’Carroll Ely” pedigree, was the ancestor of O’Cathasaigh, I.e., Na Saithne; anglicized Casey[1].

87.  Cormac: son of Tadhg [or Teige].

88.  Gailineach: his son; a quo O’Gailineigh, anglicized Galinagh.

89.  Glasaradh: his son.

90.  Faghad: his son.

91.  Ionrosa: his son.

92.  Beag: his son.

93.  Brogan: his son

94. Fionnachtach:  his son.


Chapter I part III page 101:  The surname Loughnan.    Arms: Vert a exter hand couped apaume’e  and in chief an arrow fessways ar.  Crest: A castle triple-towered ppr.  Fionnachtach, a brother of Iomchadh Uallach who is No. 88 on the “O’Carrol Ely” pedigree, was the ancestor of O’Lachtnain Ele; anglicised O’Loughnan, and Loughnan, of Ely O’Carroll, and modernised Loftus.  These are of the race of Heber, son of Milesius.


lChapter I part III page 178:  Surname O’Carroll. [No. 1.]  Princes of Ely O’Carroll.

Arms: Sa. two lions ramp. combatant or.  armed and langued gu. supporting a sword, point upwards ppr. pommel and hilt gold.

Cian, the youngest brother of Eoghan [Owen] Mo’r who is No. 85 on the “Line of Hever,” ante, was the ancestor of O’Cearbhaill Ele; anglicised O’Carroll Ely, Karwell, Carvill, Garvill, and MacCarroll. 

85.  Cian: third son of Olioll Olum, King of Munster.

86.  Teige: his son.

87.  Conla: his son; had a brother named Cormac Galeng.

88.  Iomchadh Uallach: his son; whose brother  Finnachta was ancestor of Meagher, and Maher.  Note:  The O’Carrolls seemed to have started in Leinster where some remained, and some migrated to King’s County near Birr and Keenaught co. Derry.  There was an O’Carroll family in barony Magunihy, co. Kerry.


Chapter I part III page 203:  O’Flanagan.  chiefs of Kinelargy, [2] in Ely O’Carroll.  Arms: Ar. on a mount in base an oak tree ppr. a border vert.

89.  Fec: a brother of Iomdhun who is No. 89 on the “O’Carroll of Ely” pedigree, was the            ancestor of O’Flannagain, Ele; anglicised O’Flanagan, of Ely O’Carroll.

89.  Fec: son of Iomchadh Uallach.

90.  Fionnachtach: his son [ancestor of Flannagan # 96].


Chapter I part III page 237:  The surname O”Meagher, Chiefs of Ikerin, County Tipperary.  Arms: Az. two lions ramp. combatant or, supporting a sword, in pale.  crest: A falcon rising ppr.

Fionnachta, a younger brother of Iomchadh Uallach, who is No. 88 on the “O’Carroll” Ely pedigree, was the ancestor of O’Meachair: anglicised O’Meagher, Meagher, and Maher.

88.  Fionnachta: second son of Conla.  {ancestor of Meachar who is # 101]


Chapter I part III page 260:  This family [Sheedy] descends from Sioda, [3], a younger brother of John an Ghabhaltuis [Conqueror], who is No. 117 on the “MacNamara” genealogy: that Sioda who was the ancestor of “MacNamara Fionn.” See footnote.  MacNamara. {No. 1.] were Lords of Bunratty, County Clare.  Bunratty Castle is located just a few miles south of Kilfinaghty which is located near Sixmile Bridge.  The MacNamaras were of the same stock as the O’Brians, Kings of Thomond, and Kennedys.


Fionnachtas of the line of Ir, son of Milesius of Spain


            Ir was a chief leader of the expedition from Spain.  He perished in a storm when his ship was separated from the rest of the fleet off of Skellig-Mhicheal off the Kerry coast in Munster.  Ir’s son Heber Donn was granted possession of what is now called Ulster, however it appears they ruled from Rath Cruachan in Roscommon.  This was the race of Fergus MacRoy, Connor MacNessa, and the Red Branch Knights.


Chapter III part III page  300:  According to some chroniclers, “Ulster” was first called Uladh, from Ollamn Fodhla.  His posterity maintained themselves in the Monarchy of Ireland for 250 years, without any of the two other septs of Heber and Heremon intercepting them.  He died at an advanced age, A.M. 3922, at his own Mur [or house] at Tara, leaving five sons, viz.: 1. Slanoll; 2. Finachta Fionnsneachta [ or Elim]; 3.  Gead Ollghothach, and 4.  Fiacha, who were successively Monarchs of Ireland; and 5.  Cairbre.


Chapter III part III page 350:  The Irian Monarchs of Ireland.


5.  Eochaidh [Ollamh Fodhla]: son of Fiacha Fionn-Sciothach, son of Seidnae, son of        Airtri, son of Eibhric, son of Heber Donn, son of Ir, son of Milesius.

6.  Finachta Fionn-sneachta: son of Eochaidh.

9.  Fiacha: son of Finachta Fionn-sneachta.


Fionnachtas of the line of Heremon, son of Milesius of Spain


            Heremon was the seventh son of Milesius, but the third of the three sons who left issue.  From Heremon were descended the Kings of Connaught, Dalriada, Leinster, Meath, Orgiall, Ossory; of Scotland since the fifth century; of Ulster since the fourth century; and of England from the reign of King Henry II down to present time.


Chapter IV part III page 358:   It was this Monarch [ Tuathal Teachtmar, 106th] that imposed the great and insupportable fine [or Eric] of ................. to be paid every second year by the province of Leinster to the Monarchs of Ireland for ever, for the death of his only two daughters Fithir and Darina.  This tribute was punctually taken and exaacted, sometimes by fire and sword, during the reigns of forty Monarchs of Ireland upwards of six hundred years, until at last remitted by Finachta Fleadhach, the 153rd Monarch of Ireland, and the 26th Christian Monarch, at the request and earnest solicitation of St. Moling.


Chapter IV part III page 374:  Under the surname Cairns.   Finachtach [fionn-sneachta: Irish, “fair as snow,”]  who is No. 100 on the “O’Hart” pedigree, had three sons--1. Art,  2.  Conmaol,  and 3.  Foghartach:  This Forgharthach, was the ancestor of O’Cairn, Cairn, MacCairn, Cairnes, Cairns, Kearin, Kearins, Kearn, Kerans, Kerin, Kieran, etc.  From the said Fogharthach are also descended the Ulster families of Carolan, Donnellan, and Flanagan.


Chapter IV part III page 419:  Under the surname Donnellan. [No. 2.]  Lords of Massarene.  Finachtach, brother of Inrachtach who is No. 97 on the “Flin” of North Clanaboy pedigree, was the ancestor of O’Donnellan, of Orgiall.

97.  Finachtach son of Rachtabrad.  Ancestor of O’Donellan and O’Craoibhe of Ulster; anglicized Creagh, Creaghe, and Crabbe.


Chapter IV part III page 448:  Under the surname Fihilly.  Muredach Maolleathan, the 16th Christian King of Connaught, who is No. 97 on the “O’Connor” [Connaught] pedigree, was the ancestor of O’Ficheallaigh; anglicised Fihilly, Feely, Field, Fielden, Fielding, Tooth, Ol’Feely, and Pickley.  This Ficheallach had a brother named Cahernach, who was the ancestor of Canavan, of Connaught; and another brother named Dungar, who was the ancestor of Finaghty.


Chapter IV part III page 449:  Under the surname Finaghty.  Arms: Ar. an oak tree eradicated ppr.  Dungar, a brother of Ficheallach, who is No. 99 on the “Fihilly” pedigree, was ancestor of O’finachtaigh; anglicised Finaghty, Finnerty, and Snow.

99.       Dungar: son of Conbhach.

100.     Fionnachtach [“fionnsneachda:”  snow white]: son of Dungar; a quo         O’Finachtaigh, “one of the twelve lords of Cruaghan” (or Croaghan) in the county        Roscommon.


Chapter IV part III page 452:  Under the surname Flinn.  Lords of Tuirtre, or Northern Clanaboy.  Fiacra Tort [son of Colla Uais], a brother of Roghan, who is No. 86 on the “Mac Uais” pedigree, was the ancestor of O’Flainn, of Tuirtre; anglicised O’Flinn, Flinn, Linn, Lyne, etc.  Clannaboy is comprised of the present day baronies of Toome and Antrim

86.  Fiachra Tort: son of Colla Uais; a quo O’Tuairtre.

90.  Cuanach son of Daire was King of Orgiall, as were seven of his posterity.

Bec: his son; King of Orgiall; a quo Cineal Beice.

92.  Fuadhran: his son; King of Orgiall; wnf4e6o5 ot Casey and Dubhghala [Dougall?].

93.  Suibhneach: his son; King of Orgiall.

97.  Inrachtach son of Reachtabrad; had a brother Fionnachtach [ancestor of Donnellan, Lords of Massarene].


Chapter IV part III page 487:  .Under the surname Hoolahan. [No. 3.]  Chiefs of Siol Anmchada in Hy-Maine.  arms: Az. a tower or, supported by two lions ramp. ar. in base two crescents of the last, on a chief of the third three annulets gu.  Flanchadh [Flancha], brother of Cobthach who is No. 100 on the “O’Madden” [of Connaught] pedigree, was the ancestor of O’h-Uallachain; anglicised O’Hoolahan, Hoolahan, Oulahan, etc.

100.  Flanchadh: son of Maoldun [or Maoldubhan].

101.  Flann: his son.

102.  Uallachan his son; a quo O’h-Uallachain.

Fourteen generations:

117.  Fionnachtach: son of Umhan.


Chapter IV part III page 592.  Under the surname Moody.  Arms: Az. a chev. erm. betw. three pheons ar. 

DONOCH, brother of Dermod Ruanach who is No. 92 on the “:Fogarty” pedigree, was the ancestor of O’Maolmodha; anglicised Mulmuog, Mulmody, Moody, and Mulmy.

88.  Conall Crimthann: son of Niall Mo’r or Niall of the Nine Hostages, the 126th Monarch of Ireland; was the first Christian King of Meath. [Fogarty pedigree]

89.  Fergus Cearbhall, his son.

90.  Diarmaid [Dermod]: his son; the 5th Christian King, and 133rd Monarch of Ireland.  Was slain at the battle of Rathbegg, by Hugh Dubh MacSweeney, King of Dalaraidia, A.D. 558.  In Dermod’s reign the Royal Palace was deserted.

91.  Aodh [Hugh] Slaine: son of Dermod; the 141st Monarch.

92.  Donoch: son of Aidus [or Aodh] Slaine the 141st  Monarch of Ireland.  [Moody pedigree]

93.  Finachtach Fleadhach:  his son who was the 153rd Monarch.


Chapter IV part III page 601:  Under the surname Mulrennan.  The pedigree states that the 18th Christian King of Connaught, Cathal mac Muireadach Maoilleathan is the ancestor of Finnerty and Finaghty.  This is believed to be incorrect as O’Hart states elsewhere that Finnerty is descended from Conmach mac Muireadach [clan Conway], who was a brother of this Cathal.  Unless this pertains to the Finnertys of clan Murrow as their relationship to clan Conway has not been discovered.


Chapter IV part III page 649:  Under the surname O’Donell. [no. 6.]  Lords of Clankelly.  Arms: same as O’Hart [no. 1.]


DONALL, who is No. 99 on the O’Hart pedigree, was the ancestor of O’Domhnaill, of Clankelly, in the county of Fermanagh; also anglicised MacDonnell, MacDonald, Daniel, and MacDaniel.

99.  Donall: son of Colga: a quo O’Domhnaill.

100.  Art: his son.

101.  Fionnachtach:  his son.


Chapter IV part III page 664.  Under the surname O’Hart. [No. 1.]  Princes of Tara, and Chiefs in Sligo.  Arms: Gu. a lion passanat guardfant or, in base a human heart argent.

ART EANFHEAR, who [see page 359] is No. 81 on the “Line of Heremon,” and son of the Monarch Conn of the Hundred Battles, was the ancestor of this family:

81.  Art Eanfhear the 112th Monarch of Ireland son of Conn.

82.  Cormac Ulfhada: son of Art was the 115th Monarch of Ireland.

83.  Cairbre-Lifeachar, the 117th Monarch of Ireland: his son.

84.  Eochaidh Dubhlen, the eldest son of Cairbre had a brother Fiacha Srabhteine, who     was the 120th Monarch.  Eochaid was married to alechia, dau. of Updar, King of       Alba,and by her had three sons, who were known as the “Three Collas.

85.  Colla da Chrioch [ or Facrioch] meaning two countries, Ireland and Alba.  Founder of            the Kingdom of Orgiall.

86.  Rochadh: son of Colla da Crioch.  Had a borther Imchadh who was ancestor to the    Hy Maine of Connaught.

Thirteen generations:

100.  Fionnachtach, son of Donall chiefs of Clann Kelly.  From this Fionnachtach descended O’Hart; andCairn, Cairns, Flanagan, Donnellan, Kearns, etc., all of Ulster.


Chapter IV part III page 684.  Under the surname O’Kelly. [No. 1.] Princes of Hy-Maine.  Arms: Az. a tower triple-towered supported by two lions ramp. ar. as many chains descending from the battlements betw. the lion’s legs or.

IOMCHADH,            The second son of Colla da Chrioch, who is No. 85 on the [No. 1] O’Hart [Princes of Tara] pedigree, was the ancestor of O’Cellaigh, Princes of Hy-Maine [ in the counties of Galway and Roscommon], Anglicised O’Kelly, Kalloch, Kellogg, and Kelly.

86.  Imchadah: son of Colla-da-Chrioch.

87.  Domhnall: his son.

88.  Eochaidh: his son.

89.  Main Mo’r: his son: a quo the territory of Hy-Maine

Six generations:

96.  Eoghan Fionn: son of Cormac.  Had a younger brother named Eoghan [Owen] Buac,             who was ancestor of Madden, Clancy, Tracey, Hannan, Kenny, Hoolahan, etc. [Ua     Finnachtaigh of the Sil Amchada]

Three generations:

100.  Inreachtach, son of Fiacalach.  Had a brother Coscrach [Coskry].

101.  Olioll [Ailell], his son.

102.  Fionnachtach: his son.

103.  Ceallach: his son; a quo O’Cealliagh, of Hy-Maine, A.D 874.  Grandfather of Teige: Catha Briuin, meaning Teige who fell in Brian’s Battle [of Clontarf] wher the Danes were beaten at Dublin [Clontarf] in A.D. 1014.


Chapter IV part III page 718:  Under the surname O’Neill. [No.2.]  Princes of Tyrone.

Niall Ruadh O’Neill, son of Aodh was Prince of Ulster, and was married to Nuala [died 1226], daughter of Roderic O’Connor, the 183rd Monarch of Ireland.  Niall’s father was styled: Lord of Tirowen, King of Aileach, etc.


Chapter IV part III page 786.  Under the heading: “Monarchs of the Line of Heremon.”


67.  Diarmid: son of Feargus Ceirbheoil, son of Conal Creamthann, son of Niall Mo’r.

75.  Aodh Slaine: son of Diarmuid, son of Feargus Ceirbheol, son of Conal Crimthann, son of Niall Mo’r [No. 61].

87.  Finachta Fleadhach: son of Dunchada, son of Aodh Slaine.




Part VI chapter 2 page 851: --ROSCOMMON AND GALWAY.


[a] The Irish Chief and Clans. : as collected from O’Dugan’s Topograhy and other sources:

Part VI page 852 para. 4.  O’Fionnachta or O’Finaghty, chiefs of Clan Conmaig, and of Clan Murchada, district in the two half baronies of Ballymoe in the couunties of Galway and Roscommon, in O’Kelly’s principality of Hy Maine.  The O’Finaghtys here mentioned were of the Clan Colla; and two distinct chiefs of them are given by O’Dugan: one of them, Finaghty of “Clan Murrough of the Champions:”  The other, Finaghty of the “Clan Conway.”  O’Finaghty [modernized Finnerty], chiefs of Clan Conway, had their castle at Dunamon, near the river Suck, in the county Roscommon..  It is stated in some old authorities, that the O’Finaghtys had the privilege of drinking the first cup at every royal feast. 

            Note:  Donnellan in his Four Masters does not claim these Finnertys were of the Clann Colla and says they “as a head branch of the Siol Murry, had the privilege of drinking the first cup at every royal feast.  I believe Donnellan is correct.


Part VI page 852 para. 13:.  O’Conceannain or O’Concannon, chiefs of Hy-Diarmada, a district on the borders of Roscommon and Galway, in thebaronies of Athlone and Ballymoe.

Note:  These Concannons seem to be of the line of Dermod Fionn the brother of Muirgius and Finsnechtae Luibhne.

            Donnellan’s Four Masters has a map which shows the names “Fihilly” and “Concannon” just south of East Ballymoe and opposite West Ballymoe on the River Suck.

Note:  The Concannons and Fahys of Connacht are descended from Dermod Fionn the 30th King of Connacht who was a brother to King Muirgius and King Finsnechtae.  Fihelly was a brother to Dungar the ancestor of Finnerty [Clann Conway].


            14.  MacMurchada, MacMurrough or Murphy, chiefs of Tomaltaigh in Roscommon, of which MacOiraghta was head chief.


            Prior to the Gerraghtys, the Chieftains of the Sil Murry were the Finnertys of Clann Murchada. 


From O’Hart’s Irish Pedigrees  Vol. I:


CHAPTER IV.  The Line of Heremon:  PAGE 762, O’TOOLE PEDIGREE.

#104.  Bran Ardcean [King of Leinster, descendant of Muireadach of Cualan]: married Eithne, dau. of Domhnal Mideach; she and her husband were slain, A.D.780, by FINACHDA CATHERDERE, son of Ceallach, at Cill Cuile-duna [now Kilcoole], near Newtown Mount Kennedy, in the co. Wicklow.

From O’Hart’s Irish Pedigrees  Vol. II: 


APPENDIX NO. I PAGE 713 paragraph 100.--Provincial Kings of Ireland.

1.--The Kings of Connaught.  Since the Advent of St. Patrick to Ireland, A.D, 432.

Fionnachta Luibhne, the 33rd Christian King of Connaught [A.D. 843-848].


APPENDIX NO. I PAGE 714. paragraph 100.--provincial Kings of Ireland.

2.--The Kings of Leinster.

Fionnachtach, the 25th Christian King of Leinster.  [Note: Finsnechtsa Cetharderc, mac Ceallaig, [at] hi Cill Chuiille-dumai killed his predecessor Bran Airdcheann in A.D. 794 ot 790, or 795 at Kilcoole near Newtown Mount Kennedy in co. Wicklow.  His father Ceallach was the 22nd king.

[1]   Casey:  The patrimony of this family was at Coiltemabhreenagh, in the parish of Mitchelstown, barony of Brigown, and county of Cork.

[2]   Kinelargy:  This ancient territory corresponds with the present barony of Ballybrit, in the King’s County.

[3] Sioda: According to a desription of County Clare [ situate in the W. part of that county] this territory, MacNamara Fionn,” comprised the parish of Kilfinaghty.