Finnerty O'Finnerty Clans of Eire

Finnerty, O'Finnerty Clans of Ireland

Clan Registration Policy

Finte na hÉireann


Clans of Ireland



1. Registration Policy

1.1 Having consulted with scholars in history, sociology and anthropology, Clans of Ireland

understands an Irish Clan to be:

a kinship group formed around inherited cultural identities,including a common surname, that are real or assumed.



1.2 DNA analysis has provided interesting insights into the genetic make up of the people

who have anciently and more recently inhabited the island of Ireland. Membership of a clan is

primarily a matter of identity and is determined through personal heritage and/or choice.

1.3 Any individual or organisation may seek to be registered with Clans of Ireland. The board

of Clans of Ireland, through its Registration Committee, has the right to maintain historical authenticity and to employ scholarly research in assessing all applications for registration as an Irish Clan.

1.4 When a Clan has been authenticated and entered it into the Register of Clans, no subsequent application for registration on the part of any individual or organisation for

registration will be allowed to replace the existing registration.

1.5 Having received an application for registration, the Registrar, in consultation with the Committee if necessary, will ensure that the request is not in conflict with any registration criteria or that it replaces an existing clan having been previously entered in the Registrar of Clans.

1.6 If the Registrar receives a second application to register a clan already on the Register of

Clans the new applicant will in the first instance be asked to contact and join the existing Clan.

1.7 If the Registrar receives an application to register from an individual or organisation who

wishes to withdraw formally from an existing group in which more than one branch of a clan

or several clans of the same surname are represented, the normal registration criteria will

apply; save that it will not be possible to withdraw if some of the specific clan wish to retain

the existing registration. In such cases the Registrar reserves the right to consult with the existing registered clan.

2. Registration Committee

2.1 In accordance with the subsidiary objectives of Clans of Ireland as set out in section XXX in the Memorandum of Association the board appoints a Registrar who will be responsible to:

2.1.1 Adjudicate on the historical authenticity of applications

2.1.2 Ensure that applicant Clans comply with the registration criteria.

2.1.3 Ensure that applicant Clans maintain historical standards.

Patron: Michael D. Higgins, President of Ireland




2.1.4 Maintain a Register of Clans.

2.1.5 Adjudicate and mediate with regard to registrations.

2.2 Pursuant to article 62 in the Articles of Association a Registration Committee is

established to assist the Registrar in his/her responsibilities and operates according to the

regulations and criteria for registration which have been approved by the board. In the

exercise of its duties the Committee may seek the advice of other board members or consult

with external experts as appropriate.

2.3 Pursuant to section 45 of the Memorandum of Association the Committee will ensure that

its decisions and recommendations are entered in minutes by the board.

3. Registration Criteria

3.1 Whereas any individual or organisation seeks to register a Clan with Clans of Ireland the

following criteria have been set down by the board and are implemented by the Registrar.


The Clan for which registration is being sought must not already be included on

the Register of Clans maintained by Clans of Ireland.


The Clan for which registration is sought must have maintained an historical

identity and presence in Ireland with a unique surname (including any variations)between the 10th and the mid-19th centuries.



Where, for practical reasons, an individual or organisation seeks to register more

than one branch of a clan or several clans of the same surname, each clan represented by the Society must be named for the purposes of the registration.


There must be a minimum of 6 adults of the Clan’s surname who are named as members of the Clan.


Apart from any Chief of the Name or other titled person who has rightfully

succeeded to a titular position the officers of the Clan must be democratically



Membership of the Clan must be open to anyone who wishes to identify with the

heritage of the specific Clan or who wishes to learn about the Clan.


The individual or organisation seeking to register the Clan must confirm that the

Clan will be a not-for-profit voluntary body and that the name or logo of Clans of Ireland will not be used to support any commercial activity, save for any monies

raised to support the activities of the Clan.


The individual or organisation registering the Clan must agree to adhere to the Clans of Ireland Code of Conduct and to represent his/her Clan and Clans of

Ireland with dignity and without causing dishonour to Clans of Ireland through word or action at any time.


From time to time and when necessary the Registrar may designate a clan as a “registered applicant” and include the clan on the Register of Clans until such a

time that the applicant has met all of the registration criteria. Such a designation

will not exceed more than three consecutive years without having to be reconsidered.

3.2 Whereas having decided that an application does not comply with the above criteria the Registrar on behalf of the board will have the power to decline the application.


Approved by the Board of Clans of Ireland,

at Christhchurch Cathedral, Dublin,

Saturday 7th July 2012.


Patron: Michael D. Higgins, President of Ireland